10 Gift Ideas for Automotive Enthusiasts

The Holidays are fast approaching, and if you’re anything like the rest of us - you’re probably wondering what gift to give to that auto enthusiast in your life. Well, we have 10 different ideas that not only will your enthusiast absolutely love, but will work with whatever budget you may have. So, let's get into it.


Photo by Toyota U.K.

1. Branded Merch

Bet you didn’t think about stopping at your local Toyota dealership to pick up the best gift ever. No, we’re not talking about a brand new vehicle (unless you’re balling like that, in which case, by all means), we’re talking about branded merch. Most manufacturer specific Dealerships offer tons of branded clothes, hats, water bottles, you name it at their location. A great example is Volkswagen, not only can you pick up some great stuff at a local dealership, but you can also order merchandise online as well! So if your Husband is absolutely obsessed with everything Volkswagen, best believe the dealership has something for him. Pro tip: We also have some great Fifteen52 Gear right on our website!




Image by Period Correct

2. Hot Wheels

The best thing about Hot Wheels, is that it truly doesn’t matter how old you are, every car enthusiast loves Hot Wheels. Readily available at Wal-mart, Target, Amazon, eBay, you can find Hot Wheels just about anywhere. Really want to up the game? Hot Wheels even offers NFTs and Premium editions, and they have a video game! With thousands of different cars to choose from (some that feature our wheel designs), Hot Wheels are a great gift for any car or truck enthusiasts of all ages.




Image from Xbox.com

3. Forza Horizon 5

If your enthusiast is into video games, then they have to get Forza Horizon 5. Easily one of our personal favorite game series to date, Forza was made for the race car driver in all of us. Tons of great events, building out dream cars, racing, off-roading, the whole nine yards. Will definitely keep your enthusiast entertained on the days we aren’t working on our builds. The best part of Forza Horizon 5 is you can purchase the game code online (even on Christmas day if you forgot), so procrastinators…this is perfect for you. Note: Forza is only available for PC and Xbox. If you need a PlayStation game, Need For Speed is another great option.




Image by Thule.com

4. Thule Products - for those who love to be active

Super into Kayaking? Thule has something for you. Need a Stroller? They got it. Active Traveler? Best believe Thule has got you covered. Thule offers tons of different products active enthusiasts need to safely carry what matters to them to their destination. Offering a range of products from, Travel Cases to Bike Racks, Thule.com is our first stop when it comes to gifts for an active life. 

Bonus Gift Idea for those who love to be Active: Aeronaut Blanket!




5. Fresh set of Tires

Believe us when we say, a fresh set of Tires is always something we want. All Seasons, Summer Tire, Winter Sets, all this is a truly important component for enthusiasts. Understandably, trying to figure out what exactly to get can be a bit tricky, but you can always snap a quick picture of their side wall to grab their current specs and speak with your local specialist on what the perfect set would be. If you’re wondering about great brands and even better products, we recommend Toyo Tires or Falken Tire. Both offer a great range of products in every category, whether it’s Truck, CUV, or Street - they have something your enthusiast would really appreciate.





6. Book a Photoshoot with a Local Photographer

It’s a really outside the box kind of gift, and a great way to support local businesses in your area. They can even get prints of the build and hang it in their room, post it on Instagram, or even get custom phone cases of their ride. You can even work with your photographer to do some really cool themed photos that will truly last a lifetime.





7. Sparco Seats/Steering Wheel/ or anything Sparco

Similar to Thule in a sense that they have a wide range of products, Sparco offers fantastic racing gear for enthusiasts (and professional drivers). Depending on your budget, and of course, knowledge of what works best for your enthusiast, there are a ton of great options from Sparco. Can’t go wrong with some Racing Seats, or even some Racing Gloves from a well known brand in the Racing community. They even offer Gaming chairs, and pedal assemblies for the hardcore SIM racers! Best of luck wrapping those presents though.





8. Brakes & Rotors from R1 Concepts

The ability to stop in time saves lives, and while this may not be the conventional gift, brakes and rotors are a really great gift for automotive enthusiasts. While you might be thinking of racing, it’s also true in trail seeking or offroading - so matter what your enthusiast is into, they’re going to need brakes and rotors eventually, so why not give them the best? R1 Concepts offers a range of designs (that do have different functions) and types of Rotors and Brake pads to choose from. Not sure what to get? R1 Concepts lets you select the vehicle you’re looking for, and gives you a pretty comprehensive guide on each product. You can also speak to someone directly about it.





9. Car Care Cleaning Supplies

Nothing like seeing your project car glistening in the sun after a fresh wash. Even if your enthusiast uses a car wash facility, we always have something to give the car a quick wipe down in the trunk. Some of our personal favorite cleaning products come from: Adams Polishes, Chemical Guys, Meguiars, and Griot's Garage. A couple of these brands even offer starter kits in branded buckets, so you can look like a pro when you give them everything they need all in 1 kit. 





10. Fifteen52 Wheels

Naturally, we save the best for last! Imagine the pure joy they’ll have Christmas morning with 4 (or 5) brand new Fifteen52 wheels sitting under the tree. Whether they’re into Rally sport, Super Touring, Overlanding, Off-Roading, or just love Automotive - our wheels are really, really what they want. It’s probably why they sent you this article. Not sure what to get them? You can always reach out to us or let them pick for themselves by gifting them a Fifteen52 Gift Card

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