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Turbomac HD debuts on Ken Block's Ford Raptor

#52family member Ken Block loves his Ford Raptor so much, it was really only a matter of time before we made him a set of his signature Turbomacs for it.

While this does signal fifteen52's first big toe into the aftermarket truck wheel waters, you can't argue we pretty much had no choice. The rugged Turbomac wheel was so easily translated to truck detail, and how could we say no to Ken?

This first set is a forged 2-piece design with simulated bead-lock ring (we'll offer them with a true bead-lock ring and also no ring at all) in size 20x9.5 (available diameters are 15" - 18" and 20"), and a cast version will follow later this year.

For more info feel free to hit us up at

Photos by Ron Zaras