Super Touring: The Iconic Racing Series that Inspired a Generation and Our Wheels

Super Touring: The Iconic Racing Series that Inspired a Generation and Our Wheels

A brief history of the golden era of motorsport
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We are a brand fueled by a passion for the automotive lifestyle and the spirit of competition that beats at the heart of motorsport. Our admiration for iconic racing series has subtly influenced the design behind some of our most popular collections, like the Super Touring line. We’ve taken the time to balance style and performance without compromising on quality, but you might ask why Super Touring? At the heart of Super Touring is the philosophy that the cars should be widely available, modifications be limited and the focus be on the raw skill and ability of the driver. We wanted to take that approach and design a line of wheels that were simple, but nostalgic, make a statement without being excessive, and offer unmatched durability without compromising weight savings. We wanted a Wheel that would speak for itself. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the history of Super Touring as a series to better understand the mark it left on the racing world, and where our inspiration came from.

Photograph image of Super Touring race team in September of 1993


How It Started

Super Touring made its way onto the racing scene in the late 80s to early 90s and started to garnish attention for its unique set of rules and strict limits on modifications. Since the inception of racing, the argument has been made that any good driver can win with the best car. Super Touring aimed to change that by outlining which cars with what engines would qualify to compete and then took it a step further to limit aerodynamic modifications and set a minimum weight requirement of 950kg (~2094 lbs) for both the car and the driver. The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) was the first on record to adopt these regulations, ultimately setting a trend that was quickly followed worldwide.

It’s no surprise that a series designed for widely available, production-based 2.0-liter engines, with seriously strict rules and regulations, fostered an environment that encouraged drivers to push boundaries, drive aggressively and engage in legitimate wheel-to-wheel action in order to make it to the podium. There’s no denying it was not the safest racing to get into, or the most cost-effective, but the fans couldn’t get enough. 


Historical Super Touring image of the Castrol Nissan 

A Quick Rise

Due to the quick and widespread success of the Super Touring series, brands like Ford, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Nissan, and several others began manufacturing vehicles that were street-legal, but met the qualifications to compete on the track. Unlike other formulas, the limitations on models and modifications meant these brands could compete in an arena inaccessible to many of them before, adding an extra layer of excitement for both fans and drivers by welcoming the creation of wildly competitive builds. 


Looking to the Future

With European series like Heritage Touring Cup and Touring Car Revival adopting the OG Super Touring formula and the North American Touring Car Championship along with events like GRIDLIFE gaining popularity with their modern approach, there’s hope we will continue to see the growth of racing styles that bring next-level entertainment to racetracks and speedways around the world with a focus on the driver’s natural, raw ability to outperform the competition.


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Our Wheels

Each wheel in this collection was made to consider the Super Touring era's design elements and/or performance needs, with a modernized approach. The Apex's seven-spoke mesh design is ideal for maximum caliper clearance whereas the Chicane’s flat face and rolled-back spokes provide next-level depth and the perfect frame to show off impressive brake setups. Looking to maximize style without compromising on weight? The Comp Wheel has you covered with its split 5-spoke design, emulating the style we know and love, but weighing just shy of 21lbs making them our lightest wheels in the Super Touring line.

If you’re wanting a more classic and clean look, the Podium and Tarmac EVO both offer minimalist vibes but still have that coveted motorsports-inspired finish with our signature Super Touring Lug Cap System.

We take pride in our ability to design products that elicit emotion, demand attention and prove their value at every street corner, apex, and chicane. Every Fifteen52 Wheel tells a story with the intention of connecting drivers to the heritage of motorsports. Our Super Touring line is just one example of how we blend form with function and combine racing performance with street style. Whether it's the adrenaline of race day or the calming quiet of an open road, here's to honoring the series that inspired our love for all things motorsports - with every drive, every turn, and every wheel we design.