An Inside Look at the Tarmac EVO

An Inside Look at the Tarmac EVO

Ever find yourself mesmerized by a stunning set of wheels? Us too- don’t worry. We strongly believe that a set of wheels can make or break the aesthetics of any vehicle which is why we strive to produce products that push the envelope of what’s possible for performance and functionality while giving the same level of consideration and attention to the design aspect. We’re proud of every line we launch but the Tarmac Evo holds a special place in our hearts - it's an unapologetic declaration of boldness and strength.

Reviving the Spirit of Motorsports

Drawing its roots from the glory days of motorsport, the Tarmac Evo gives a nostalgic nod to Super Touring’s glory days. It's the love child of classic design and modern aesthetics with a design that's as badass as it is beautiful. 

Built with an aggressive 6-spoke design, the Tarmac Evo doesn't compromise on style or stability. The stepped lip detail, paired with a deep lug bowl, gives it a hint of old-school cool, while the machined recesses on the face and spoke edges add a dash of new-school flair. Whether you choose to go for Gold or Rally White, you’re sure to garnish some attention on the track or the streets. 

Versatility: One Wheel, Many Faces

The Tarmac Evo isn't just about looking good, it amps up the power factor too. The best part is that it’s a perfect fit for several makes and models. To show just how versatile it is, we pulled a few snapshots of our favorite combos.



  1. Mitsubishi Evo TME: Pure Adrenaline

    So, what happens when you bring together two power players? You get a match made in motorsports heaven. There’s no denying that the Tarmac Evo and Mitsubishi Evo TME form a formidable duo. The classic Rally White seamlessly integrates with the Evo TME's aesthetic, creating a distinctive, aggressive stance that embodies the spirit of rallying.



  1. 20th Anniversary Golf GTI: Maximum Style, Minimum Effort

When it comes to a vehicle known for its versatility and driving dynamics, the VW Golf reigns supreme. Compact yet tenacious, the VW Golf deserves wheels that can complement its character. Enter the Tarmac Evo in Rally White - the perfect pairing guaranteed to turn heads. The minimalist styling of the Tarmac Evo perfectly complements the Golf's clean lines, creating a stylish, urban-ready setup. 


  1. 2022 Subaru WRX: All-Out Performance

Known for its performance prowess, the 2022 Subaru WRX boasts a sporty character that just so happens to be a perfect match for the vintage vibes of the Tarmac Evo in Rally White. These wheels provide an element of subtle elegance that compliments the Subaru’s deliberate boldness and showcases what the right set of wheels can do for any vehicle.

Your car is an extension of your personality, and the Tarmac Evo ensures your style and performance aren’t compromised. It's a celebration of racing roots fused with contemporary aesthetics that embraces innovation. Regardless of what you drive, the Tarmac Evo will get people talking for all the right reasons because in the world of wheels, it's not just about the destination, it's about how you rip up the road to get there.