The Ultimate Wheel Fitment Guide for Toyota Land Cruiser Owners

The Ultimate Wheel Fitment Guide for Toyota Land Cruiser Owners

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From Rugged Origins to Iconic Off-Roader

Toyota Land Cruiser Build on Turbomac HD [Classic]

Durable, Reliable, and Versatile- the Toyota Land Cruiser has come by its reputation honestly. Originating in the early 1950s as Japan’s answer to the American Jeep, the Land Cruiser has always been designed to put in work and weather the elements. Over the last few decades, Toyota has continued to adapt to the needs of drivers worldwide and engineer an SUV that’s proven its prowess in some of the most challenging environments. From the classic 60 Series to the modern-day 300 Series, each variation offers something unique that not only improves performance but adds to its overall style.

The Toyota Land Cruiser has set the bar for what an off-roading vehicle should aspire to be and has, unsurprisingly, amassed a diverse and dedicated following. Maybe you’re a long-time enthusiast, or perhaps you’re new to the Cruiser Club, regardless of how you came to own one of these adventure machines, the importance of choosing the right wheels for your Land Cruiser cannot be overstated.

Deciding which wheels not only suit your driving style, be it cruising through city streets or pushing the limits off-road but will also be the right fit isn’t always easy to sort out so let's run through the important bits and then we can jump into the fun stuff. 

Understanding Bolt Patterns: The Key to Perfect Wheel Fitment

To choose the right wheels for your Land Cruiser, understanding its bolt pattern is crucial since a vehicle's bolt pattern – the number and arrangement of bolts on the wheel hub – is the primary determinant of wheel fitment. In the case of the Land Cruiser, depending on the series AND year, you'll need a 6x139.7 or 5x150 bolt pattern. Before choosing your wheels, ensure you've confirmed your vehicle's specific bolt pattern. Here’s a quick reference guide:




60 Series

1980 - 1990


70 Series



80 Series

1989 - 1997


90 Series

1996 - 2002


100 Series

1998 - 2007


105 Series

1998 - 2007


120 Series

2003 - 2009


150 Series (+Facelift)

2009 - 2022


200 Series (+Facelift)

2007 - 2022


300 Series

2021 - 2022



The Importance of Tire Size: Comfort and Performance

Toyota Land Cruiser Tire Size Recommendations

Land Cruisers have seen a variety of tire sizes over the years, each contributing to the vehicle's overall comfort and performance. A common preference among Land Cruiser owners is the 285/70/17, this tire size fits most models comfortably and provides a striking balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability without losing any aesthetic value. If you're set on a more aggressive look focusing on off-road performance, the 33 x 12.50 size is another worthy consideration. Just remember, like everything else in this guide, the correct tire size depends on your Land Cruiser's model, year, and intended use.

Decoding Wheel Offset: The Balance Factor

Offset, the distance between a wheel's centerline and its mounting surface plays a huge role in your Land Cruiser's wheel stability and load distribution, ensuring your wheel and tire assembly fits properly to avoid any rubbing. We recommend a 0mm offset (ET0), as all Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles can accommodate this offset. It also allows for a wider stance, better off-road stability, and a more aggressive look while avoiding clearance issues for larger brake assemblies. 

That being said, if you own a 300 series you should know that we have a 17x8 spec in the Analog HD in 6x139.7 and ET25 for a less aggressive fitment and at the moment, it’s our only wheel that will clear the brakes. There is no one-size fits all solution, but the goal is to make understanding what wheel options are best for you a little easier. One last thing to consider is you should check to see if your vehicle has locking hubs if you own an older 60-100 series, especially if it’s an import as it may disallow you the option to run center caps on the front wheels.

Wheel Options for Your Land Cruiser

So, at this point, you should know your bolt pattern, or at the very least how to find it, a few tires to consider, and the suggested offset to avoid any issues. If you want to go big or go home, you’ll need to dig a little deeper and look at a proper lift. Given the unique situations that can arise with lifting your vehicle, please reach out to our team directly for more information.

Now that we’ve got the technical stuff out of the way, let’s look at some wheels! Whether you’re going for a classic or a modern look we’ve got a wheel for you.    


Analog HD on a Toyota Land Cruiser


Analog HD in Asphalt Black: Embodying a modern twist on a classic style, the Analog HD is an all-aluminum wheel designed to reduce unsprung weight. It features a reinforced flange design, and its center section is designed to channel airflow to your brake system – a must-have for performance-oriented drivers.


Turbomac HD [classic] on a Toyota Land Cruiser


Turbomac HD [classic]: The Turbomac HD is a robust and timeless Monoblock Cast Off-Road wheel designed to endure the test of time. It features a classic stepped lip and a vented ring to keep your brakes cool during your off-road journeys and helps strategically shed weight from the wheel itself.


Patrol HD on a Toyota Land Cruiser


Patrol HD in Asphalt Black: The Patrol HD is a modern take on a classic design, featuring an all-aluminum construction to reduce unsprung weight. The bell-shaped barrel of Patrol HD provides maximum clearance for today's larger brake assemblies, ensuring you're ready for any terrain.

Top Tire Recommendations for Your Land Cruiser

While fifteen52 doesn't sell tires, we acknowledge the significance of pairing our high-quality wheels with reliable and durable tires. Here are some all-terrain tire recommendations that could elevate your Land Cruiser's performance:

Falken - Wildpeak A/T3W (285 / 70 / 17): This tire is known for its excellent all-around performance, making it a favorite among Land Cruiser owners.

Toyo Tire - Open Country A/T III (33 x 12.50 / 17): For those craving a larger tire size, this one is a compelling option. Remember, fitting this size may require a lift, so ensure to check the fitment before purchasing.

BFGoodrich - All-Terrain T/A KO2 (285 / 70 / 17): Popular for its all-terrain capabilities and durable design, this tire is an emerging favorite among Land Cruiser owners.

Gear Up for Your Next Adventure

Finding the perfect wheel and tire fitment takes time and consideration but it plays a huge role in enhancing the performance and looks of your Toyota Land Cruiser. We're dedicated to providing you with quality wheels that elevate your Land Cruiser's capabilities and aesthetics. Whether you're exploring rough terrains or driving for leisure, fifteen52 wheels ensure you’re riding with style and confidence. Remember to verify your vehicle's specifications and fitment before making any purchases, and you're ready for your next adventure.