Wander MX Release

Wander MX Release

Unleash Your Inner Nomad With Wander MX, The Ultimate Off-Road Adventure Wheel

Do you like to test the limits? Toe the line between adventurous and outrageous? Perhaps you're looking for your next nomad inspired wheel design? If so, meet your new best friend: the Wander MX. Let’s be clear,  this isn't just another off-road style wheel - it's your ticket to the adventure you've been longing for. Designed specifically for those who aren’t afraid to forge their own path through uncharted areas where others wouldn’t dream of going.

Wander MX on a Subaru Outback Wilderness - The ultimate Nomad Wheel

The Wander MX is more than an accessory or piece of equipment- it makes a statement with bold lines and our signature design language, embracing the rugged nature of those hungry for adventure. Not only will you amplify your SUV or CUV’s capability to traverse through rough rocks, soft sand, and thick mud- you’re also guaranteed to elevate your vehicle’s appearance. 

So, what gives Wander MX its edge? Featuring a monoblock cast construction using resilient A356-T6 aluminum alloy, these wheels don't merely survive the harshest off-road conditions - they live for them. We've engineered them to handle the knocks, jolts, and bumps that come with the territory of rough landscapes and tricky terrains. This durability, combined with a minimalist design, results in a wheel that is resilient and demands attention. 

While performance is always the main focus, we don’t launch anything without giving proper consideration to the overall style. The Wander MX wheels are available in Asphalt Black and Carbon Grey, ensuring your vehicle's aesthetics match its enhanced performance. We don’t want you don't just take on the wild, we want your ride to look good doing it.

At fifteen52, our philosophy revolves around our passion for the automotive world we operate in. We're not out here trying to keep up with the trends; we aim to set them. Our enduring commitment to bringing race-bred performance styling to everyday driving has allowed us to create iconic wheels known for their uncompromising strength and clean aesthetic.

With the launch of the Wander MX, we're challenging every off-road enthusiast and adventure seeker to push the limits, map the uncharted, unleash your inner nomad, and to do it all in style. Embrace your wanderlust. Take the road less traveled. Make your mark. This is Wander MX from fifteen52.


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