Thank You, Ken Block

Thank You, Ken Block

Ken Block - Hoonigan

Remembering Legendary #43

To say we are shocked and heartbroken over the news of Ken Block’s passing would be an understatement. Ken was an incredible driver, friend, marketer and everything in between. He was always pushing to be the best, to do everything bigger and better. Ken Block never stopped - it was that which we all have come to love about him. We're writing this today as a timeline and remembrance of everything he did with us at fifteen52. That his mark will forever be a part of our story -- How Ken truly shaped the automotive industry through creativity and always pushing the limits. 


When Fifteen52 was a fledgling wheel brand in 2010, Ken took a chance on us. Introducing to the masses our foundational Tarmac wheel design in the Gymkhana 4 video, followed by Gymkhana 5, it was the birth of our iconic partnership in the automotive industry.






Introducing the Turbomac 

A few years later, we got together with Ken and developed what would be his signature wheel design - the Turbomac. Packed with rally DNA and tested by the man himself, each wheel came emblazoned with Ken’s Block Skull logo cast into the backside.  The Turbomac debuted in Gymkhana 6 on Ken Block’s 600HP 2015 Ford Fiesta ST RX43. 






Meeting the Hoonicorn

Ken was always pushing for bigger and better. Gymkhana 7 was no exception, introducing to the world the Hoonicorn - an 845HP AWD Mustang featuring our 3-piece forged Tarmac R43 in a new Block Bronze color. Following after Gymkhana 7 was Ken's first CLIMBKHANA, which featured V2 of the Hoonicorn.






For the love of Off-Roading

Ken never stopped pursuing what he loved. His passion for the automotive industry grew and grew everyday, and in 2017, Ken Block and fifteen52 got together again to build what we believed the off-road community deserved. Turbomac HD and Turbomac HD Classic were born. Tested on his personal builds, the Turbomac HD series quickly set a trend in the truck wheel market.





Our Last Gymkhana


Gymkhana TEN was the penultimate display of Ken Block and fifteen52. Featuring five different locations and five iconic builds, this was the moment of truth for all involved. The Escort Cosworth spinning on custom-made metal “tires” had us biting our nails but again - that’s Ken Block for you. Bigger. Better. Always pushing.


“I can’t believe it has been ten years of making these Gymkhana videos,” said Block. “That’s wild! So, for number ten, we tried to make it the biggest and best. It was two years in the making — from initial ideation to the launch in The Gymkhana Files on Amazon Prime. It’s insane the effort that went into this one, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result."





Fifteen52 would not be where it is today without Ken Block. For that, we are eternally grateful. The laughs, the ideas, the always moving-forward thinking are moments this brand will forever cherish. His impact is a mark on this brand we will never forget. Our deepest condolences to Ken’s family, the Hoonigan team and every partner, fan, and person his light touched over the years. 


Thank you, Ken, you will be missed.