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Wheel Fitment Guide for MK7 VW Golf Owners

MK7 Volkswagen Golf Wheels and Rims
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The Best Wheel & Rim Guide for MK7 Volkswagen Golf, GTi, and R Owners

While every car ever created can claim they did “something” to impact the world of Automotive — few can compare to the impact of the Volkswagen Golf. The OG of the “Hot Hatch” craze that started in 1975 (and still going today). With over 35 million units sold over the course of 45+ years, we’ve been graced with 8 Generations of the VW Golf — however, this guide is focused on the 7th Generation of Volkswagen Golf produced from 2015 until 2021.

We’ll make this simple and quick to understand…


First and foremost, 5x112 is the correct bolt pattern for all MK7 VW Golfs - doesn’t matter what trim you have.

Previous Generation Volkswagen Golfs were either 4x100, 5x100 or 5x112 - but after the 5th Generation, Volkswagen decided to stick with 5x112 for the Golf, GTI, and R models. This is the most important factor to know and understand before selecting wheels. Even a small millimeter difference causes the wheel to not sit properly against the hub of your vehicle which can lead to disastrous consequences when driving.

So stick with 5x112. That’s your bolt pattern. Don’t let some facebook group buddy tell you otherwise ok?



Alright, now what about the size of the Wheel?

Depending on a couple of factors such as adding aftermarket suspension and what trim level your Golf is, will determine what size you should get. 18x8.5” is typically the most popular size for all MK7 VW Golf/GTI/R, with some bumping to 19” or even 20” wheels. If you plan on lowering the vehicle 1” - 1.50”, we recommend sticking with the 18x8.5” wheel size option. Additionally, if you plan on upgrading your brake system as well - 18” to 19” will be fine, but make sure the wheel design has plenty of room to accommodate (like our Super Touring collection).


Thing to Consider about Sizing

We just want to briefly talk about a few additional things when it comes to wheel size. 18” is the most common size for the MK7 Volkswagen Golf FOR a reason. It’s the most widely available sizing, and comfortable on the road. While bigger does look better (in our opinion), consider that you may lose some meat on the tire wall to compensate for larger wheels. The bigger the wheels, the heavier they are and more power is required to move them. Not that your engine is not capable of moving bigger wheels, but it is something to think about. Sizing down from the factory spec isn’t recommended due to the size of modern day brakes and calipers.


Volkswagen Golf R Wheels



MK7 VW Golf Offset Recommendation, 45mm or 35mm?

There are two different recommendations we have for this based on how YOU want your car to sit. ET45 (45 mm offset) is the most popular choice due to its closeness with the OEM offset. So if you’re looking for that OEM+ plus look, the 45mm offset will work perfectly. However, if you’re aiming to have your wheels stick out further towards your fenders for a more flush look, ET35 (35mm offset) is what we recommend. 

If you plan on lowering (and how much you’re lowering) think of it this way - the 45mm offset will get you more of the “tucked” look, while 35mm is much more of a “hella flush” look. Depending on your style, look you want to achieve, or even wheel availability – both offsets will work and look nice with your build.

Widebody VW Golf



Now the fun part, Picking a Wheel Design.

So you’ve probably settled on a 18x8.5 5x112 ET45 wheel spec (the most popular fitment), and now you need to decide the fun part: what wheel design and color will you choose? If you need a little help deciding what would look good, you can check out our curated wheel gallery collection of Volkswagen Golf Wheels (and even get Tire recommendations) right here.

Whether you’re aiming for a rally style look or modern day Touring styles, we have something for your Volkswagen Golf. In a range of colors, designs, and more - you can shop all our 5x112 offerings on our Bolt Pattern Page


Some of our Favorites for the MK7 Golf/GTI/R:


Turbomac_Asphalt Black
18x8.5 5x112 ET45
Podium_Frosted Graphite
18x8.5 5x112 ET45
Comp_Rally White
18x8.5 5x112 ET45