Climbkhana Pikes Peak Is Live!

Climbkhana Pikes Peak Is Live!

After almost a year of teasing, we finally get to see Ken Block and his Mustang Hoonicorn attack the legendary Pikes Peak 14,000-foot hillclimb...and it's everything we thought it would be, and more.

The Hoonicorn loses a lot of its 1400-hp by the time it gets to the top but that's something for atmosphere and tuning nerds to discuss - to the rest of us the car is a beast the entire run and some of the sections are just as sketchy as they look. We tend to take for granted the chances KB takes in these videos, but in this one there can really be no denying the real danger involved.

Of course make sure to see how he babies his fifteen52 Tarmac R43 wheels and Toyo R888R tires (not) and seeing the vid for the first time helped us understand why afterward we were asked to "refurbish" some of the wheels.

Presented by Toyo Tires and directed by our friends Brian Scotto and Jeff Zwart, Climbkhana Pikes Peak could well be our favorite KB video to date.

*Special thanks to Larry Chen for the feature image