fifteen52 Accessories

fifteen52 Accessories

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Or head. Or vehicle.

Rumbling engines, sleek design, and the unmistakable thrill of the open road -  these are the driving forces of car enthusiasts everywhere, and the pillars of our ethos here at fifteen52. For those who live and breathe cars, every detail matters, from the roar of the engine to the style of the wheels. That’s why we cater to your vehicle's performance and style, as well as your own.

Fifteen52's wheel lines are statements of style and performance, but you know that already. Whether you're drawn to the aggressive stance of the Tarmac, the timeless elegance of the Chicane, or the rally-inspired design of the Turbomac, there's a wheel for every taste and driving preference. But it doesn't stop there - fifteen52 offers accessories of all kinds that go beyond aesthetics.

fifteen52 Wheel Accessories

Wheel Accessories

Even the most well-crafted wheels need some customization from time to time. That's where fifteen52's wheel accessories come in. From replacement center caps to customized versions of each, you’re probably already familiar with the Super Touring Series center caps, center-lock style wheel nuts, and cover plates, but there are so many more options. The RSR Series boasts customizable center ring and lip decal sets. Custom center caps are available on the HD Series, RS Series, and MX Series as well. Even the Tarmac series gets in on the fun with optional 52 Block spoke decals in different colors. These are just some of the ways we let you make your wheels as personalized as your ride.

Fifteen52 also offers enthusiasts extra peace of mind with upgraded aluminum valve stems, and as you might expect, customized valve stem caps to go with them. The valve stems feature a laser etched “52” symbol and are available in five different anodized finishes. These make for a perfect finishing touch on a fresh set of fifteen52 wheels.

fifteen52 Wheel Hardware

Wheel Hardware

Attention to detail is everything, even when it comes down to the simple things. That's why fifteen52 offers a range of wheel hardware to complement our wheel lines. Open lug nuts, closed lug nuts, and lug bolts are all available in a durable black to keep your wheels torqued securely on, while looking right at home. We even offer replacement HD bolts for our fifteen52 HD Series wheels.

fifteen52 Apparel


Fifteen52's influence extends far beyond the garage. With our stylish apparel lineup, you can wear your passion for cars wherever you go. From different style shirts and outerwear to hats and stickers, our collection lets you showcase your love for our beloved niche of automotive culture with pride. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring bold designs inspired by motorsport and car culture, fifteen52 apparel is a statement of identity. Think of it as another way to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Additional Accessories

The fifteen52 lifestyle experience doesn't end there. Our lineup of accessories goes beyond wheels and apparel, offering everything you need to complete your automotive style. From high quality license plate frames to air fresheners styled like our wheel designs, we thought of everything we might want for our own cars, and offered it up to our fifteen52 family. All of these and more allow you to show off your allegiance to the brand wherever you go.

In an automotive world where cars are more than just machines, fifteen52 aims to stand at the forefront of the blending of culture and machine, offering not just accessories but an entire lifestyle experience. Whether you're behind the wheel or out on the town, our products empower you to tailor your style and embrace your love for all things automotive. Start your journey today and discover a world where the thrill of the open road meets the essence of style and performance. If you already have some fifteen52 wheels, what are you waiting for? Explore all fifteen52 accessories today.