Fifteen52: Which Wheel Series is Right for You?

Fifteen52: Which Wheel Series is Right for You?

Ever wonder which wheels would be best suited for your vehicle? We know that finding the right size and style can be both exciting and frustrating if you’re not sure where to start so we’ve gone ahead and put together a quick overview of each series to help guide you. Regardless of if you drive an SUV, CUV, Truck, compact car, Sprinter van, or something in between- there’s a fifteen52 wheel for your ride.

Fifteen 52 Super Touring Wheel series, on vehicle images

Super Touring
The Super Touring wheel series as a whole is a tribute to the golden era of motorsports, specifically inspired by the timeless designs seen on touring cars that once graced racetracks around the world during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s – the pinnacle of style in our opinion. The creation of this series involved meticulous research and attention to detail in order to capture the essence and aura of classic racing wheels and translate that into a design that could be manufactured for today’s standards. The result is a wheel like the Tarmac EVO that exudes a sense of nostalgia while meeting the demands of modern-day vehicles. The intricate spoke patterns not only pay homage to the past but also enhance brake cooling and reduce unsprung weight for improved handling.

Vehicles best suited for Super Touring wheels are Subaru BRZ, VW Golf, Lexus IS300, Audi S4, Several BMW E Series, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Honda Accord, Mazda Miata, Subaru WRX, Mini Cooper, Toyota Celica, VW GTI, Mercedes 190E, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, and Subaru Impreza.

Rally Sport
Our Rally Sport Wheel series plays on the rugged and adventurous spirit of rally racing. This series is a fusion of durability and style, designed to withstand the challenges of off-road terrain while offering a striking and bold aesthetic. The designs mimic the appearance of rally car wheels from the past, while the construction is modern and performance-driven. This blend of heritage and innovation makes the Rally Sport series a popular choice for those seeking some spirited adventure on mixed surfaces.

The Tarmac represents everything Fifteen52 stands for and was the very same wheel that launched the Ken Block partnership in Gymkhana Four. From there, the relationship blossomed further and Ken actually helped co-design the Turbomac wheel – a true-to-form Rally Sport wheel with a vented outer ring to cool brakes. The Rally Sport lineup has motorsport built into its DNA and is often seen on vehicles like Nissan 240sx, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Chaser, Volvo 240, VW Beetle, VW Eurovan, Ford Fiesta, and VW Jetta.

The RSR (Rally Sport Road) wheel series is a fusion of rally-inspired aesthetics and on-road performance. This series draws inspiration from the Rally Sport series while catering to enthusiasts who prioritize both style and performance on paved surfaces. Like many series before it, the RSR series embodies our ability to bridge the gap between motorsport heritage and street-ready designs. We’re currently working on expanding the offerings in this series but our Holeshot design can be found on vehicles like Alfa Romeo Giulia, BMW M Series, Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type- R, VW MK7 R, and MK8 R.

fifteen52 HD Wheels, MX Wheels and SV Wheels on vehicle images

The MX wheel series is a celebration of modern motorsports and the high-performance culture associated with it but for their daily drivers and haulers. Designed with SUVs and CUVs in mind, this series is a testament to our commitment to pushing the envelope in terms of design and engineering for different applications. Our newest Wander MX wheel is a great example. 

The MX series boasts a sleek and aggressive design that is inspired by contemporary racing wheels used in various motorsport disciplines, with their elements transcending the space and vehicles they were initially found in. The intricate symmetrical spoke patterns and lightweight construction contribute to the visual appeal and improved performance. The MX wheels exemplify our dedication to creating cutting-edge designs that resonate with motorsport enthusiasts wherever they find themselves be it on or off the road. The most common vehicles you’ll catch sporting MX wheels are the Ford Maverick, Toyota Rav4, Ford Bronco Sport, Subaru Forester, VW Atlas, VW Taos, Subaru Crosstrek, and Subaru Outback.

The HD (Heavy Duty) wheel series from Fifteen52 is tailored for trucks, SUVs, and other heavy-duty vehicles that require a careful balance of toughness and style to pull off the right look without going overboard. These wheels are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and heavy loads while maintaining a bold aesthetic for almost any large vehicle. 

The HD series is a result of meticulous engineering and design considerations in our quest to bring iconic off-road styles into the modern world with added functionality. One of our best-selling HD designs, the Range HD showcases that blend perfectly. These wheels are a favorite among truck and SUV enthusiasts who demand a blend of durability and aesthetics. From sand to the street, and everything in between, the HD series is ready for the elements and will fit vehicles like Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Rubicon, Jeep Gladiator, Mercedes G-Wagon, Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Tundra, Toyota LandCruiser, Toyota 4runner. Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, Ford Ranger, Ford Raptor, Chevy Silverado, Lexus GX470 and GX460, Chevy 1500, Ford F-250, and Ford F-350.

The Mercedes Sprinter van is a bonafide cult classic in its own right. Be it a hauler, a shop vehicle, or your band’s ol’ reliable to and from gigs, the Sprinter van deserves style too. The SV series was designed with a touch of elegance that blends seamlessly with the practical design of Mercedes Sprinter vans. Designed specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter platform, the SV series wheels are a manifestation of our desire to make wheels for every enthusiast, including the unique needs and aesthetics of those who subscribe to the van life.

Every wheel has a story, and at Fifteen52, we're just trying to tell ours the best way we know how - through quality and design that speaks to every kind of driver out there. Whether you're into vintage rally vibes, sleek modern styles, or spending your days in a Sprinter, we've got a wheel with your name on it. If you’re still stuck or need assistance with any step of the process, our team is here and ready to help.