KW suspension recently held an event at the Willow Springs raceway and they invited fifteen52 to tag along! In addition to several customer cars, we brought out our 1980 Porsche 911 SC sitting on new Outlaw 003 wheels, and 52-intern Jeff Hall's recently  TrackSTer-ized Focus ST. 

As mentioned, those weren't the only cars there running our wheels. There were several other Porsches running our Outlaw designs, the Hoonigans brought three Fiat 124 400-hp rally builds fitted with Tarmacs (these cars are being used as part of their new Female Drivers Search contest), and Vortech sent a supercharged FRS with some gold Turbomacs, just to name a few. 

On top of all that were plenty more crazy builds just ripping it around the track, plus the biggest gathering of modern Alfa Romeos we've ever seen. Most of the day was spent with group track time, but with a 30-minute break for some skid pad action. Of course that meant some pretty awesome burnouts, donuts, and even a 350z drift car absolutely murdering several sets of helpless tires.

All in all it was an absolutely amazing event with lots of good people just having fun enjoying (thrashing) their toys. With a mix of people who have never driven on a track to people with years of experience, track days are always an absolute blast.

We need to send  huge thank you from us to KW Suspension for hosting such a cool event and inviting us out to be a part of it! 

Thanks to KW Suspension and Larry Chen for providing the used photos.

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