Partner Spotlight: Miami, Florida's Parkhaus1

Fifteen52, Magnus Walker and our 52outlaw brand are proud to have a select group of retail partners around the globe, but some just seem to go the extra mile in getting the 52outlaw brand in front of their customer base. Miami's Parkhaus1 is one such example.

Check out the example below of their recent email magazine!

52outlaw wheels by
Magnus Walker and fifteen52

The 911 is a contemporary classic -- a shape which has remained true to its original form, more than five decades after its release. Evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, with each change. Perhaps as consequence, you may find many aircooled Porsche owners (willingly or otherwise) described as purists, preferring or adhering to traditional "rules" or aesthetics.

In the same vein, wheel offerings for Porsche's earlier cars have always been limited and mostly made up of Porsche's own offerings; it can be argued whether the owners never desired something else or, more simply, that nothing looked right.


Existing in countless forms as a subset of the Porsche® obsession for decades, inspired by sports-purpose and performance-oriented cars, and always complete with personal expressions of their respective owners, the rigid opinions of purists need not apply to Outlaws. Originating with early 356 examples, it began with Gary Emory (to be later refined by his son Rod) and the trend continued with many R Gruppe 911 examples along the way. In the past several years, they've resurged in popularity, largely due to a certain bearded-and-dreadlocked Outlaw purveyor.


If a Porsche® counterculture exists, Magnus encapsulates it. From the style of his cars to his personal aesthetic, there is no doubt of the space he occupies outside of the norm. And when our friends at fifteen52 and the Urban Outlaw himself combined forces, the 52outlaw wheel program was conceived. A breath of fresh air, for the air (and water!) cooled fanatics among us. Something new, that looks right and complements the designs of 911s vintage and modern alike.


We have ordered over a dozen sets of the 52outlaw wheels since their introduction, including the Outlaw 001 2-piece design, and less common variants such as the 3-piece and monoblock configurations, examples of which we have available and ready for delivery today.

Outlaw 001 3-piece wheels have been used on two RWB 911s we have built at Parkhaus1, with another set onsite waiting to be mounted on an another upcoming RWB build (stay tuned). We're also looking forward to getting our hands on a set of the newly-released Outlaw 003 as production ramps up.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, reach out to us today for more info on 52outlaw Forged Wheels by fifteen52 x Magnus Walker.

Currently in stock and ready to deliver -


Outlaw 001 Monoblock - Forged
19x9" ET46 front (5x130, 71.6cb)
19x12" ET63 rear (5x130, 71.6cb)
Matte Charcoal (additional finishes available for a charge)
Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw center caps
Fits: 996 Turbo / GT2, 997 (5-lug) GT3 / RS / Turbo / GT2


Outlaw 001 3-piece - Forged
19x8.5" ET51 front w/ hidden hardware (5x130, 71.6cb)
19x12" ET45 rear w/ hidden hardware (5x130, 71.6cb)
Concave rear profile
RSR Matte Gold w/ Matte Black background center
Polished outer lips
Custom engineering - 1 of 1 set!
Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw center caps
Fits: 996 Turbo / GT2, 997 GT3RS / Turbo / GT2

Contact Parkhaus1 at:

2644 SW 28th Ln, Miami, FL 33133

(305) 537-9577