Celebrating 7 Years of Turbomac HD

Celebrating 7 Years of Turbomac HD

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Fifteen52 Wheels' Turbomac HD and HD Classic Available at Their Original Pricing

In the dynamic world of wheels, Fifteen52 has consistently stood out as a brand synonymous with innovation and style, largely thanks to our constantly evolving lineup of wheels and wheel products. Among the impressive lineup, the Turbomac HD wheel and its counterpart, the HD Classic, have earned a special place in the hearts of truck, 4x4, and off-road enthusiasts. But how many of you know how the Turbomac HD and HD Classic wheels came to be?

Born from the legacy of Ken Block's Gymkhana 6 Fiesta ST, these wheels have redefined the truck and off-road market since their prototype inception in 2016. We took inspiration from the original Fifteen52 Turbomac street wheels featured on Ken Block's iconic Fiesta ST when we first designed the Turbomac HD for Block’s own Ford Raptor build. The design was a bold departure from traditional truck wheels, as we approached it as wheel enthusiasts, rather than following the conventional norms of the off-road market.

Ken Block Ford Raptor fifteen52 Turbomac HD Wheels

Fifteen52 elevated the Turbomac HD with the introduction of a cast production version, officially showcased at SEMA 2017. This robust 5-spoke wheel boasts rally-style turbo vanes on its perimeter, providing a distinct and aggressive look. The use of stainless steel hardware not only adds a touch of durability, but also enhances the wheel's overall aesthetics. The ET0 fitment ensures a flush and aggressive stance with any setup, which made the Turbomac HD a favorite among truck owners seeking a blend of style and performance.

Building on the success of the Turbomac HD, Fifteen52 introduced the HD Classic. This sibling wheel inherited the same DNA but offered a new perspective, capturing the essence of classic design elements with a classic lip style. The introduction of new colorways to the Turbomac HD and HD Classic lineup provided enthusiasts with even more options to personalize their wheels directly upon purchase.
fifteen52 Turbomac HD on a Ford Bronco in the Desert

As we celebrate seven years of success with the Turbomac HD and HD Classic wheels, Fifteen52 is making a bold move to show appreciation to our loyal customers. To reflect our commitment to the enthusiast community, and to thank you for your commitment to us, we are adjusting the prices of these iconic wheels to the original launch price. We want to honor the journey of the Turbomac wheels and their off-road counterparts by making these special wheels even more accessible to the passionate truck and off-road community.

Fifteen52's Turbomac HD and Turbomac HD Classic wheels have left their mark on the truck and off-road market, as well as our company. As we celebrate seven years of success, we hope their rally-inspired aesthetics and quality continue to captivate the hearts of wheel enthusiasts worldwide. Don’t forget to tell your friends! They might learn a little wheel history from you.