The Spirit of Le Mans, Distilled

The Spirit of Le Mans, Distilled

Fifteen52’s Chicane Wheel Brings More Motorsports History to the Super Touring Series

The McLaren F1 GTR chassis 04R holds a special place in automotive history as an iconic racing machine. Built in 1995, it was one of the highly successful F1 GTRs that competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Piloted by the renowned French driver Yannick Dalmas, Masanori Sekiya from Japan, and JJ Lehto from Finland, chassis 04R emerged victorious, clinching the overall win at Le Mans in 1995.

Its distinctive Gulf Racing livery, featuring the vibrant blue and orange colors, has become synonymous with the F1 GTR's dominance on the racetrack. With its groundbreaking design, powerful BMW V12 engine, and historic racing achievements, the McLaren F1 GTR chassis 04R remains a symbol of excellence in the world of endurance racing, not just for its performance and winning pedigree, but also for its truly jaw-dropping styling that encapsulated its era of racing perfectly.

This storied history of one of the most iconic supercars to ever hit the racetrack serves as the inspiration for Fifteen52's Chicane wheel, continuing our dedication to the love of motorsport for vehicles on and off the track – and cementing the position of Fifteen52 President, Jason, that 5-spoke wheels are always superior.

The wheel design takes direct inspiration from the centerlock wheels featured on the original McLaren F1 GTR. We wanted to maintain that seamless and clean centerlock look, which is why the Chicane uses the same Lug Cap System style you’ll find on all our Super Touring series wheels.

Chicane Wheels on Mclaren
The styling draws influence from the golden era of 1990’s racing. A flat face, spokes rolled back at the lip for depth and profile, and an aggressive yet minimalistic shape which looks like it was taken directly from the paddock at the track side. The thin spokes serve as stylish frames to display big brake kits like the track-carving legends that inspired it. Even the centerlock-styled Lug Cap System uses a hard edge bowl in their color matched cover plate for a true-to-form racecar look.

Speaking of the Lug Cap System, you’ll find more of the same high-quality components our customers have come to expect from Fifteen52’s Super Touring series. All metal components made of high quality materials are standard on all Super Touring Lug Cap System components. Whether you choose the standard included anodized Hex Nut or opt for the unique styling of the Tech Nut set, you can expect the same stringent quality testing and durability from any Lug Cap System pieces. Even their respective wrenches are constructed like our most structural components. Don’t forget to customize your Center Cap Set to add the little details to your wheel setup!

If you fancy yourself a motorsports enthusiast and want to roll on a set of Fifteen52 Chicane wheels, know that you are channeling the very spirit of 1990s motorsports at the highest level. Every time an order for a Chicane wheel comes in, we smile knowing someone out there appreciates the golden era of McLaren’s Le Mans dominance as much as we do.

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