Fifteen52 Wheels Super Touring Lug Cap System: Centerlock Style is for Everyone

Fifteen52 Wheels Super Touring Lug Cap System: Centerlock Style is for Everyone

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When it comes to modifying and personalizing your vehicle, every detail matters. Wheel design is no exception, and enthusiasts are constantly seeking innovative ways to take their builds to the next level. For those with motorsports heritage running through their veins, Fifteen52 introduced the Super Touring Lug Cap System, pre-installed on all ST wheels. Choose from one of the six color combinations to match your build’s aesthetic and transform any Super Touring wheel design into a sleek centerlock-style masterpiece that fits your style.

While other brands may opt for cheap materials for similar styling, we take the quality of the Lug Cap System pieces as seriously as we take wheel quality. To make it all come together, various components of this revolutionary system required the utmost care and quality control for each piece that contributes to the transformation.

The Cover Plate:
At the heart of the Fifteen52 Super Touring Lug Cap System is the Cover Plate. Forged from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy using bespoke tooling, this component serves as the foundation for the entire design. It seamlessly conceals your wheel nuts or bolts, creating a clean and streamlined appearance that mimics the look of a centerlock wheel. Each Fifteen52 Super Touring series wheel comes with a color-matched painted cover plate that complements its design. Depending on your Super Touring wheel, the cover plate will either be the smaller concave cap, such as the one you’ll find on the Podium and Apex, or a larger, deep lug bowl style on the Chicane and Tarmac EVO.
fifteen52 cover plate

The Hex Nut:
The Hex Nut, standard on the Podium, Chicane and Tarmac EVO wheels, is a critical component that secures the Cover Plate in place, and becomes the centerpiece of the Super Touring series’ centerlock styling. Precision-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and coated with a durable anodized finish, this nut ensures a snug fit and maintains the integrity of the Super Touring Lug Cap System. Be sure to grab one of our proprietary Super Touring Hex Nut wrenches (sold separately) to ensure a perfect fit and make installation easier if you’re an enthusiast who enjoys taking the DIY approach. The Hex Nut is available in four different anodized finishes: Black, Blue, Red, and Silver.
fifteen52 hex nut

The Tech Nut:
For those looking to elevate their customization game a step further, Fifteen52 offers the Tech Nut in addition to the distinctive 5-sided Hex Nut previously mentioned that comes standard on Podium, Chicane, and Tarmac EVO Wheels. This optional upgrade adds a touch of sophistication that emulates some of the most high-end centerlock wheels in the world, and introduces a new level of personalization to your Super Touring wheel setup. The Tech Nut is the standard option on the Apex, but will work with any Super Touring series wheel. Like the Hex Nut, the Tech Nut is available in the same four anodized finishes: Black, Blue, Red, and Silver and has its own proprietary wrench (sold separately).

fifteen52 tech nut

The Center Cap:
3D acrylic center caps have been at the center of iconic motorsport wheels for decades. The Center Cap gives the fifteen52 Super Touring Lug Cap System a final touch of customization that is specific to the customer. Custom-made molds have the raised fifteen52 emblem on the front and rear, sprayed in UV-resistant automotive grade paint, enhancing the overall style of the design. Black/Chrome, Black/Gold, Blue/Chrome, Green/Chrome, Orange/Chrome, and Red/Chrome are all standard available choices to put your personal spin on any Super Touring wheels.

fifteen52 center cap

The Snout:
The Snout serves as a foundation for the Super Touring Lug Cap System from a functional standpoint. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized in bright silver or black. The Snout aligns the Cover Plate and provides a secure mounting point. It will be the first piece installed into the center of any Super Touring wheel, secured via set screws.

The Fifteen52 Wheels Super Touring Lug Cap System represents a breakthrough in wheel customization, providing enthusiasts with the means to transform their 4- or 5-bolt vehicles into a centerlock-style masterpiece. From the Cover Plate to the Tech Nut, and even the unseen hardware holding it all in place, each component plays a crucial role in achieving a seamless and visually stunning upgrade. It is for this reason we chose high quality materials for their construction, just as we do with all of our wheels. Whether you're a seasoned gearhead or a casual enthusiast, this innovative system allows for a personalized touch that sets your vehicle apart from the rest, echoing with the legends of motorsport that inspire our wheel designs.