Toyota Tundra Overland Build: 1794 Edition Army Green

Toyota Tundra Overland Build: 1794 Edition Army Green

2021 Toyota Tundra Build - 1794 Edition in Army Green
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Overland Inspired Toyota Tundra Build Spotlight

Army Green with Bronze Off-Road Wheels? Tell us more...


Before we jump into the full build journal here, let us take you back a couple hundred years ago to 1794 in the heartland of Texas. A Spanish colonist, Juan Ignacio de Casanova, set up his cattle ranch that was kept within his family for a couple generations. Hundreds of years later in 2003, Toyota purchased and broke ground at that Cattle Ranch and by the year 2006, we had ourselves an assembly plant. That plant has producing the popular Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma ever since. However, Toyota wanted to honor this land and keep the history alive by offering a 1794 Edition to their Tundra lineup – same year the ranch was founded. Equipped with a 5.7 liter V8 with 381 horsepower, 410 lb-ft of torque, and more than 8,000 lb towing capacity, it's not hard to see why the Toyota Tundra is a popular truck among enthusiasts. It's more than capable to handle just about anything on and off the road.


Toyota Tundra Overland Build in Army Green with Bronze Off-road Wheels


Today we’re taking a look at a 2021 Toyota Tundra: 1794 Edition built by Emmanuel, or @21tundra_ on instagram. Dressed in Army Green, this Tundra build expands upon the overland theme to take him on whatever adventure Emmanuel finds himself in. Starting out with what we’ll call the “Big Three” (wheels, tires, and suspension) Emmanuel chose to go with King 2.5” Coilovers, giving him the appropriate lift to clear whatever he may find on the trail. Adding Icon VD upper control arms with delta joints and Icon RXT rear leaf pack to further support his suspension. For wheels and tires, Emmanuel wanted bronze off-road wheels to match against his Army Green. So he went with our popular Block Bronze Traverse HD design in 17x8.5” 5x150 ET0 and wrapped those wheels with Toyo Tire Open Country MT 35x12.5 R17Moving onto the armor for the truck, Emmanuel added CBI Overland Rock Sliders and CBI Baja Front Bumper with a Warn Winch added behind it. Mounted on that front bumper are Baja Designs incredibly bright LP9s that can be controlled with a Switch Pros 9100 switch panel from inside the truck. On the bed of the truck we have some more useful goodies but still enough space left to be able to stow things away in the bed of the truck. The Leitner Designs ACS Forged Bed Rack is mounted on the back with multiple RotopaX accompanying it on its side. A Mt. Hood 60” Cascadia Vehicle Tent is bolted on the top of the rack for those overnight trips.


If you think the build has stopped here, it definitely hasn't. Even after we shot with Emmanuel, he proceeded to add some more the day after that you can check out on his social. This build is great example of form and function, and showcases some of the best aftermarket has to offer for the Toyota Tundra. If you're a fan of the build or maybe have a few questions, you can follow Emmanuel and his 2021 Army Green Tundra on instagram at @21tundra_.