Traverse MX - Our Latest Off-Road Adventure Wheel

Traverse MX - Our Latest Off-Road Adventure Wheel

Your next adventure wheel is here.

From start to finish, our line of MX wheels are designed with adventure in mind. Like you, we find joy in escaping the daily grind and getting out on the trails, so we know how important it is that wheels are able to get you there and back without any hindrance. Built for those in need of a higher off-set such as CUVs and SUVs, our brand new wheel can withstand mother nature but also give your vehicle a unique look on the road as the well. Launching in a 17” size with multiple bolt patterns, Traverse MX is made for larger sport utility vehicles such as: the Volkswagen Atlas, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4 just to name a few. So now, let’s get into why these adventure wheels are for you.



Traverse MX x Function

These aren’t just some good looking set of wheels - these are built to take a beating on or off the road. Our signature rock ring design is reinforced to help disperse rocks, water, snow, mud, sand and whatever else may come your way — while also protecting your tire seat and valve stem from the environment around your wheels. The windows in our multi-spoke design also helps cool brake rotors from working hard on the trails. What makes these unique from its counterpart, the Traverse HD, is that the center of this wheel is pushed out further towards the lip to allocate more room for vehicles with a higher offset. 

While the 1834 Load Rating is more than enough for a wide range of larger vehicles, careful design consideration was taken to ensure the wheel would remain light enough to maintain day to day driving. The Traverse MX weighs in at about 24 pounds which is several pounds lighter than a lot of off-road wheels on the market now.




Traverse MX x Design

Our Traverse MX is nothing like anything on the market, with respect to it’s lower-offset counterpart, the Traverse HD. Featuring two unique colors, The Frosted Graphite finish is a deep, matte charcoal paint that will match the plastic cladding often found across the range of adventure vehicles, while the Magnesium Grey finish is a medium charcoal grey paint with earth tones that play well against the landscapes you find along the way. Launched in a 17x8.0” wheel size, we currently offer two bolts patterns 5x112 and 5x114.3 with offsets at ET20 and ET38. We will be adding the 5x100 bolt pattern for the Traverse MX in the near future as well. 


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