Fifteen52's First Flow Formed Wheel, the Holeshot RSR, is Now Available!

Fifteen52 Ford Focus RS Flow Form Wheels
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Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR Flow Form Wheel Ford Focus RS

Fifteen52’s RSR Wheel Program represents the brand’s entrance into flow formed technology, carving out a collection of high performance wheels. The flow form manufacturing method utilizes rollers to apply high levels of pressure to form the inner barrel to specified widths. As the cast material is formed over the tooling, it begins to take on many of the properties of a forged wheel, aligning the grain structure and increasing tensile strength. The increase in strength allows for a thinner and lighter barrel, taking advantage of the benefits of a forged wheel without the high cost often associated with a fully-forged product. Slotting in between Fifteen52’s Forged Wheel Program and Cast Monoblock offerings, the RSR Wheel Program of flow formed wheels is the perfect balance of style and performance. Launching in a 19-inch diameter, the Holeshot leads the RSR pack with an aggressive presence and technological improvements that can be felt on the twisting canyon roads.

Volkswagen Golf R Holeshot RSR Wheels

flow formed Volkswagen Golf R wheels fifteen52

The Holeshot RSR came to fruition through a design exercise in perfecting the classic mesh wheel design. Improving on our Formula GT wheel of seasons passed, the Holeshot RSR has a stepped-lip profile and subtle face protrusion that embody the Fifteen52 style. Stepped, scalloped spokes give depth to the design while strategically cutting weight where it matters most. With the face offset from the slant of the lip, the visual impact of the lip depth could be retained while still ensuring proper clearance for a wide range of performance brakes.

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Ford Focus RS - Holeshot RSR Flow Form Wheels Fifteen52

With two face profile variants and the ability to specify barrel depth through the flow forming process, the RSR Wheel Program is able to specifically target a wide range of vehicles and provide ideal fitments for each application. The wheel width, offset, centerbore, and bolt pattern can be specific to each SKU. To start, the Holeshot RSR will be available in MK3 Ford Focus, MK7 Volkswagen Golf/Jetta, and FK8 Honda Civic Type R fitments with a number of additional applications slated for future production.

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Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR -Flow Form Wheel