Overland Expo 2021 - Booth Builds

Overland Expo 2021 - Booth Builds


The Ultimate Off-Road / Overland Enthusiast Event.


Missed out on this year's Overland Expo West? No worries, we covered only the coolest builds at the event (we're just kidding, there was a ton of fantastic builds — but it didn't have our wheels on it so, yeah). All jokes aside, Overland Expo West is definitely a sight to behold. Thousands of off-road/overland/adventure enthusiasts gather with some of the biggest names in the industry to check out all the latest gear made just for you. While we missed out on setting up our own booth this year (aiming for 2022), that didn't stop the team from making the 7 hour trip to take part in the festivities. 



1. Belltech's Jeep Gladiator on Turbomac HDs in Block Bronze.


Jeep Gladiator on Turbomac HD _ Block Bronze in 17x8.5" 5x127 ET0

Jeep Gladiator on Turbomac HD _ Block Bronze in 17x8.5" 5x127 ET0

KW Automotive North America's off-road suspension company, BellTech, showcasing their fantastic Jeep Gladiator build. We know what you're thinking... yes, Red Jeep Gladiators are hot. And you should get one.



2. Midlandusa's Jeep Wrangler on Turbomac HD in Asphalt Black.


Midland Radio 's Jeep Wrangler Build

Jeep Wrangler on Turbomac HD _ Asphalt Black in 17x8.5" 5x127 ET0

Communication is KEY in any relationship, we all know this. So why not use Midland USA's radios to keep in constant contact with your Trail mates? Follow us on Instagram for more relationship tips.



3. FroncoBronco's 2021 Ford Bronco on Traverse HD at Heretic Studio's Booth


Heretic Studios - 2021 Bronco Lighting

2021 Ford Bronco on Traverse HD _ Asphalt Black in 17x8.5" 6x139.7 ET0

Just like most of us, we're still waiting for our Bronco to be built by Ford. So we're living the Bronco lifestyle vicariously through @FroncoBronco. Recently partnered with Heretic Studios for Frank's lighting needs ... let's just say they really know how to light up a show.



4. Bilstein's Jeep Gladiator on Turbomac HD in Asphalt Black


Bilstein's Jeep Gladiator Build

Jeep Gladiator on Turbomac HD _ Asphalt Black in 17x8.5" 5x127 ET0

Wheels. Tires. Suspension. The biggest love-triangle in the automotive industry. We've worked with Bilstein suspension for a few years now, and it's always a treat to see what corporate builds they produce every year. This one is not different, one of the "coolest" things about the build is this 270 degree umbrella that gives the freshest of shade. We want one.



5. Mike Glover's Toyota FJ70 on Analog HD in the KC HiLiTES Booth.


FJ70 on Asphalt Black Analog HDs

Toyota FJ70 Land Cruiser on Analog HD _ Asphalt Black in 17x8.5" 6x139.7 ET0

If you've been following us for a little while now, you know that we're huge fans of the builds that @FitGarage makes out in Oregon. They just finished up this Survival FJ70 Land Cruiser build for the famous Mike Glover. One of our favorite builds at the event. 


6. Westin's Jeep Gladiator Build on Turbomac HD [classic]


Westin's Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator on Turbomac HD [classic] _ Carbon Grey in 17x8.5" 5x127 ET0

One of the first booths you run across as you walk into the event, Westin's Jeep Gladiator build draws your immediate attention. You absolutely can have a grey vehicle and run Carbon Grey wheelsit's a nice take on the all black everything approach.



7. Volkswagen®'s Atlas Basecamp Build on Traverse MX in Frosted Graphite.


VW Atlas on Traverse MX

VW Atlas Basecamp on Traverse MX _ Frosted Graphite in 17x8" 5x112 ET20

Did you know the Traverse MX in several color options are available right at your local VW dealership? You can learn all about that and more about the VW Atlas Basecamp here


8. We're not sure whose this is. But it was cool, so we added it. Jeep Wrangler on Turbomac HD [classic]


Jeep Wrangler on Turbomac HD Classic

Jeep Wrangler on Turbomac HD [classic] _ Carbon Grey in 17x8.5" 5x127 ET0

We assume it's a KC HiLiTES employee/volunteer's build, but we're not too sure. Nonetheless, it's a great looking, functional Jeep build that we wanted to include in the list.