Celebrating Car Culture and Fifteen52’s Influence

Celebrating Car Culture and Fifteen52’s Influence

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In the surrounding car culture of the aftermarket wheel industry, Fifteen52 has emerged as a beacon of style, performance, and innovation. With a legacy spanning over two decades, Fifteen52 has not only revolutionized the wheel industry but has also become an integral part of global car culture from in-person events to online sensations. With our 30th anniversary just on the horizon, we reflect and celebrate the incredible journey that Fifteen52 has undertaken, showcasing some of the remarkable vehicle builds, invaluable partnerships, and vibrant car culture we have had the pleasure of contributing to.

Fifteen52's influence on car culture is best exemplified by the jaw-dropping vehicle builds that boast our signature wheels. From sleek European sports cars to rugged American trucks, and everything in between, Fifteen52 wheels have found a home on an eclectic array of automotive marvels.

Fifteen52 x Magnus Walker Outlaw Partners

Magnus Walker x Fifteen52: Outlaw Partners
Paying homage to the legendary Porsche Fuchs wheel meant partnering with one of the coolest names synonymous with Porsche – the Urban Outlaw himself, Magnus Walker. The 52outlaw line from Fifteen52 encapsulated the beautiful simplicity and elegance of a Porsche wheel that shows the other drivers of the road what you’re about. Luckily, we had an in-house 1980 Porsche 911SC to showcase the third 52outlaw design, the Outlaw 003. Click to read more about our collab with Magnus Walker.

Fifteen52, Remembering Ken Block

Ken Block x Fifteen52: A Hoonigan Legacy
A partnership that needs no introduction, the alliance between the late Ken Block and Fifteen52 was an absolute game-changer. The Hoonigan himself, Ken Block, and the wheel wizards at Fifteen52 joined forces to birth a wheel line that's as wild as Block's Gymkhana stunts. With designs that scream rebellion and performance to match the madness, these wheels have become an integral part of the Hoonigan legacy, and a lasting inspiration for Fifteen52 designs to this day. Our partnership with Ken is one we will always cherish. Thank you, Ken Block. 

Fifteen52 x Hoonicorn: Shredding Limits
When the Hoonicorn roared onto the scene, it was clear that this beast needed wheels just as menacing as its entire aura. Enter Fifteen52. A natural successor to the already successful Ken Block partnership, the Hoonicorn's custom Fifteen52 wheels were crafted to withstand the brutality of Gymkhana, ensuring that every spin, slide, jump, and wall tap was a testament to its engineering excellence.


The Fifteen52 x Volkswagen Connection
European precision meets American flair - that's the vibe when Fifteen52 partners with Volkswagen. In the motorsports world, Tanner Foust was among the first to rock Fifteen52 x VW style with his VW Passat Drift Taxi, and VW fans everywhere took notice. From the Mk7 Jetta R-Line to the Atlas Cross Sport, OEM collaborations redefine what it means to fuse style with substance. Collaborating with an OEM, as well as some of the world’s best aftermarket brands, gave us the chance to do something truly special for enthusiasts of all kinds. Fifteen52 wheels on a Volkswagen turned out to be a match made in heaven.

TOMO Racing x Honda Performance Development x Fifteen52: Tarmac Attack
Tom O’Gorman’s TOMO Racing is a FWD force to be reckoned with in the Pirelli World Challenge’s Touring Car A class. As the only front-wheel drive and turbocharged car in the TCA class, TOMO Racing and their partner Honda Performance Development were sure to stand out in a true David v Goliath battle for the ages. On the day of their debut, their Civic Si rolled into the pits on a set of Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels. Read the full article here.

Fifteen52 x Ford Focus RS: Rally Royalty
Rally enthusiasts, this one was for you. When the Ford Focus RS hit the scene, it needed a set of wheels that could handle the rigors of the rally stage and look the part. Fifteen52 stepped up to the plate as one of the very first to modify the Focus RS, giving it the RS the Turbomac wheels - a design that not only looks mean on the street but thrives in the unforgiving world of rallying.


Fifteen52 x Boxwood Bronco
John Pangilinan built one of our favorite Broncos ever for SEMA 2021 – his 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks in Boxwood Green. The idea was to put together a proper SoCal beach-goer, with just enough modifications to give it unique styling while remaining a perfectly practical vehicle. His ethos of function and form together in harmony, especially off the road, made this a perfect partnership for Fifteen52. We supplied Pangilinan with a set of our classic steelie-inspired wheels, the Analog HD in a white finish to match his custom-painted grille, and the sponsor decals he sports. The collab became yet another glowing testament to the Fifteen52 Wheels ethos of function to go with impeccable style.

These partnerships aren't just about slapping our logo on a product. Each and every one of them is about passion, innovation, and a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive world. Fifteen52's impact on car culture extends beyond wheels; it's about a shared passion for all things automotive. Through events like Hoonigan's Gymkhana Files and the SEMA Show, Fifteen52 has brought together enthusiasts, builders, and designers, creating a vibrant community that thrives on innovation and creativity.

As we reflect on Fifteen52's remarkable journey through the world of car culture, we're reminded of the brand's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and celebrating the essence of automotive excellence. We don't just make wheels; we craft legends from the asphalt to the showrooms that leave an undeniable mark on the automotive culture landscape. So here's to the partnerships that have redefined the game, and here's to many more collaborations that'll keep us all on the edge of our seats. These are but just a few that we’ve covered over the years. Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!